Pengerusi | Chairman


Graduated with Bachelors in Business Administration (Marketing), Idaho, USA in 1983, and Masters in International Business Administration, San Diego, USA in 1988. He began his career as Research Assistant at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) before joining Malaysia Airlines in 1989. He attained estimable marketing and sales experience as Marketing Development Executive and later as Sales Strategic Planning Executive overseeing worldwide sales performances of MAS offices. He gained further business ingenuity through his exposure in the international management and marketing during his tenure as Area Manager of Spain, Portugal and North Africa as well as Northern Territory, Australia from 1990 to 1995. Resigned in pursuit of an entrepreneurship, he has established and managed businesses in various industries including corporate advisory services, printing, publishing, food and publication retailing, trading, logistic management, information technology, advertising and marketing services. He exited from all of his business interest in 2008 in pursuit of other concerns including as a free-lance consultant in developing business modules for corporate advancement, leadership enhancement and executive education, as well as free-lance copywriter, editor and translator.

Currently, he is attached to Graduate School of Business, UKM, as a consultant. His responsibilities include revamping the MBA programme structures to be more industrial relevant; developing executive development training programmes; generating new revenue streams of revenue; and establishing industrial network for constructive public/private engagement. He also teaches Global Marketing, Strategic Marketing, and Tourism Marketing as part of MBA course works.